From the parking area at Niquette Bay State Park we made a loop going down the Ledges trail and returning by the Allen trail.

Wild flowers were still abundant, but not as many as on a scouting trip 10 days earlier when all of those on the list below were seen. Wildflowers seen: (wood) anemone, baneberry (wild — dolls’ eyes), bellwort (large flowered), bluets, bishop’s cup (miterwort), bloodroot (not in bloom), buttercup (small flowered), clintonia (not yet in bloom, columbine, cucumber root, Dutchman’s breeches, ginger (wild — flowers hidden at ground level), hepatica (no flowers — probably past bloom), jack-in-the-pulpit, periwinkle, pussytoes, rue (meadow), sarsaparilla, saxifrage, Solomon’s seal (smooth), (false) Solomon’s seal, spring beauty (claytonia caroliniana), spring beauty (claytonia virginica), trillium (white), trillium (purple) Wake Robin, trillium (white), trout lily (dogtooth violet, adder’s tongue), violet (purple – long spurred, and yellow).

Participants: Martyn Allen, Jean Battelle, Beth Ruskai (leader).