Joined by 7 folks from AmeriCorps, we split our 16 trail workers into three groups: 1) Frost, Parts of Maple Ridge, and Rock Garden, 2) Butler Lodge, Wallace Cutoff, and LT to Twin Brooks, and 3) Nebraska Notch and LT to Taylor Lodge, Clara Bow Trail, and LT to Twin Brooks. Lots of water bar cleaning on Nebraska Notch and other trails. a number of trees were removed and some clipping done.

Participants were leaders Pam Gillis and John Sharp, Phil Hazen, George Long, Dave Hathaway, Scott Albertson, Jeremy Gerber, Carol Irish, and from the AmeriCorp: Kelsey Durr, Sierra Passero, Rhianna Kline, Alex Smith, Shane Wall, Jordie Hope, and Olivia Stoker.