An unannounced trip. We met at the Route 2 Long Trail parking area at 9 with temperatures around 20 and a fierce wind blowing. We headed north on the LT and cleared perhaps 10 or so blowdowns of various sizes and a lot of small stuff. We didn’t quite make it to the AT trail up from the sugar shack on the Bolton access road.

We turned around because it was very cold and windy, and because Ted had a meeting to get back to. David scouted ahead and there is still one pretty big blowdown (a birch at the bottom of a little dip) a little south of the ATV trail, and a low small cherry trunk a little north of it that is pretty easy to step over, but worth removing the next time we have a saw up that way. He didn’t get all the way to the ATV trail in my scouting.

At the end of the trip David turned the section chainsaw and paraphernalia over to Ted, who may go out and do some more clearing .

Participants: David Hathaway, Ted Alber, Andrew Fontanez, Pippa (dog).