We aimed to meet at the Cambridge park & ride at 9 AM, but were closer to 9:20 after a wrong turn by one car on the way. We consolidated into three cars, had another delay on the way to clean up in a stream after a dog accident in another car, and eventually reached the trailhead and got on the trail around 10:25. It was warm for the time of year and sunny as we started. We anticipated a lot of blowdowns after the windstorm a week earlier, and did move a fair number of small trees and branches off the trail all through the trip, but we didn’t see too much damage as we went up the Frank Post Trail.

We reached Tillotson Camp around 11:30, then continued up the LT north through some of the usually wet trail sections to reach Tillotson Peak noon. After tagging the summit we returned to Tillotson Camp for lunch around 12:20 with the clouds moving in. We started out again, and a few sprinkles developed as we got nearer Belvidere, but they didn’t last, and the real rain held off until we got back to the cars. The number and size of blowdowns also increased.

We headed up the spur trail to reach the Belvidere summit around 2:30, where a few of us climbed the tower. It was very windy at the top of the tower, but the clouds had completely moved in by then, so there were no views. We then headed down the Foresters Trail reaching the cars just before dark around 4:40. We saw and reported to GMC HQ 14 blowdowns requiring chainsaw work.

The trails were very wet; a lot of the trails in this area could benefit greatly from puncheon or stepping stones.

Participants: Steve Titcomb, Melinda Carpenter, Deborah Kulisch, Dave Bristol, Nick Lanzillo, Susan Kapp Monaghan, Abby (dog), Rigby (dog), David Hathaway (leader).