The perfect fall 2017 weather continued for this outing! What a super day, super group, super fun! I could repeat how spectacular the day was with the temps to be in the mid-70s by mid-day but if you spent any time in VT, I don’t need to tell you how lucky we really have been. Met at the Richmond P&R, headed to Huntington trail head where we met Jill, a very full parking lot and a loose dog (who we eventually found out took off from its owners after they summited). Got the last of 2 parking spots and away we went!

Met not another soul until well above the Montclair Glen turn off. Chuck S. from Shelburne was leap frogging us and “unofficially” joined the group at the summit. He recently moved to VT and has been up CH many times but not the Forest City trail. With the sun and late October warmth, the summit was a bit crazy. Many dogs and one 7-month old who was crying its poor lungs out but mom was calm and collected. Lunch at the summit and my friend Dan appeared to join us, too, another bonus! To the clearing hut we went, then the descend, where we encountered many headed up Burrows, esp. more dogs and kids.

Everyone seemed to be in a great mood! Mark had packed a cooler of beer so we had to stay in the lot for a bit before leaving the trail head. The road was crammed with cars, in some spots on both sides, which made the drive a bit tricky now and then! Ended our day at Stone Corral in Richmond. It was just about as perfect as one could hope – mountain, friends, laughs, sun!

Participants: Rob Gordon, Jill George, Mark McLane, Greg Bostock, Robynn Albert (leader & photographer).