We took the ferry across Lake Champlain from Charlotte to Essex at 9am under heavy fog. We took the Wildway Overlook trail to the summit ridge of South Boquet. There were lots of ferns of different kinds along the trail, as well as fall wild flowers. The trail ends on a rocky area with great views to the East across the lake. Although the fog had lifted, it was still overcast and one could just barely make out Camel’s Hump.

On the return ferry ride, it was clear enough to look back and see both North and South Boquet mountain. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow with a steady uphill. Elevation gain of about 660 feet and less than a mile each way.

Participants: Marina Kisyova, Deborah Kulisch, Cathy Tilley, Jean Battelle, Barbara Beane, Priscilla Jackson, Beth Ruskai (leader).