John and Phil started around 7 AM from West Bolton Notch Road, and the rest of started around 9 from Jonesville. We’d spotted two cars near the sand pits on West Bolton Notch Road, so we could bushwhack out to them after meeting in the middle.

John and Phil cleared a lot of blowdowns, and reported a lot of brush clearing is still needed near the beaver pond. The rest of us spend most of our effort with loppers and swizzle sticks clearing weeds and small brush. We did clear one large blowdown just south of Duck Brook Shelter, so dragging up the chainsaw wasn’t a waste of effort. The blazing along the trail definitely needs work, but it was too wet to do much on this trip. We all met up just as it started raining, had lunch at the shelter, and bushwhacked out to the cars around 1.

Participants: David Hathaway, Rob Gordon, Samantha Ketover, Matt Ketover, Phil Hazen, John Sharp.