A great group on a beautiful sunny day. Six of us met at 9 AM at the Richmond park & ride, then took two vehicles to the Burrows trailhead where we met the other five a little after 9:30. We started at 9:45 AM with a mix of microspikes and snowshoes, but although Forest City had been broken out, it was soft enough that we were all soon on snowshoes.

It was probably in the high 20 F with little wind as headed up Forest City trail. We caught a little wind around the 11 AM when we hit the Long Trail, but it seemed to be a north wind, so we were shielded from much of it until we neared the summit. There were a few erroneous tracks along the Long Trail section, and a spruce trap or two, but it was generally easy going. We reached the windy summit around 1 PM, paused for a brief picture or two, then headed down to the hut clearing where we had lunch among the many others there on their way up or down.

We headed down Burrows Trail around 1:30, with some using but sleds in places, and reached the cars around 2:40. More pictures on meetup.

Participants: Phil Hazen, Larry Gagne, Dana Bolton, Marc Gamble, Steve Titcomb, Jim Watkins, Ellen Cronan, Shana Adise,

Kevin Burke, K-man, David Hathaway (leader). Photos: Dana, Kevin, and David.