Six GMC hikers signed up for the Mt. Abraham snowshoe hike. We met at 9AM at the Hinesburg Park & Ride and took 2 cars from there to the small parking lot at the Battell Trailhead (9:30AM). There was wet snow on the drive down Rt. 116, but it never changed to rain on the trails. The snow was a little clumpy at lower elevation but still fresh powder higher up.

The trail was lightly broken by one or two hikers before us, and the recent snow made for gorgeous scenes through the changing woods. We took a short food/drink break at the Battell shelter on the way up and down, and made it to the summit in about 2:30 hours (12 noon) and back down by 1:30PM (including a few breaks).

The summit was in thick clouds, and a steady breeze kept us from staying up for too long. We saw only a few other hikers on the way up, and a few more on the way down – as usual, the Battell trail was uncrowded, even on a very good weekend day for snowshoing! A few takeways: poles are always good to have; snowshoes with less aggressive traction clump up faster; if your hands tend to get cold, then don’t leave your mittens behind just because it feels warm at the trailhead; moisture management – adjust layers early and often.

We made it back to the Hinesburg Park & Ride by 2:30. All in all, a wonderful winter hike with a fun group of people for this first-time organizer.

Participants: Ali Lopez, Sunny Kim, Lisa, Steve Titcomb, David Hathaway, Dana Bolton (leader). More photos on meetup page.