With the double your money back guarantee that outing leaders pledge participants, you can bet I was pleased that the weather was perfect with temps. at the trail head parking lot at the top of Camels Hump State Park road in the 60’s!

We started at the parking lot and took the Monroe Trail for about 1.3 miles to the Dean Trail, which then climbed an easy grade to the beaver pond (which is on the maps as an actual pond but is more like a mossy wetland now) where there is a nice view of Camel’s Hump summit to the north. From there I could see hoards of little figures scrambling for a place to stand at the summit. Crowded! The 3 parking lots and roadside at the trailhead were full of cars – for a Father’s Day outing no doubt.

With Gianetta Berti, Nancy Reynolds, Horst Hartlieb, and two friends Ken and Harry who joined at the beaver pond – and provided some of the great photos below.

Trip leader Ted Albers. Check out the Lotus in the parking lot (with signs saying ‘dont leave anything valuable in the car’!) How on earth did this car have enough clearance to make it up there? Also note the beautiful new Dean Trail sign by GMC volunteer Howard VanBenthuysen.