There were two work groups this day:

Group 1: We started at the trout club and immediately came on how large hardwood that was across the trail it took us about 40 minutes of Keystone cops like sawing and wedging to get it out of the trail. Turns out the bottom part of it was jammed way in to the ground – anyhow you would’ve been amused. We weren’t. Then a couple of other minor chainsaw cuts and water bar cleaning on the path up to Taylor.

We were able to clip and dig out water bars and use hand saws from Taylor South to the wooden ladder where we stopped and turned around shortly before the big rock garden climb. By then it was 2::30 and our group including me was flagging, and Reed had turned her ankle very minor on the way up – and she was ready to head back – but was a great sport. Also the three of us are allergic to rain unlike the mighty John and Phil and Scott. South of the ladder to Mt. Mayo might still need some clipping and water bar work. If so I would approach it from the south – I guess. Also north of the latter about halfway to Taylor Lodge there is a section of about 50 yards of the LT which was in a streambed to start with – which is now washed out – at least more washed out than at was. This area will rapidly deteriorate and the club may want to think about looking at it and re-locating this short section of the trail if possible.

Participants: Lisa Hardy,Reid Willis, Ted Albers (leader).

Group 2: These guys are still smiling after an 11 hr day. Went through 3 tanks of gas and must have cut over 40 blowdowns. Ran out of gas on south side of Bolton Mt. Two blow downs still need to be removed , but can easily get around them. Most blow downs I have encountered in a single outing in my 46 years of doing trail work.

Participants: Scott Albertson, Phil Hazen, John Sharp (leader).