We met at 9 AM at the Jeffersonville Park & Ride on Rt 15 on a cool sunny morning. We hopped on the Cambridge Greenway trail which is a short spur at around mile 64 of the LVRT. We went across the new Lamoille River bridge by Cambridge Junction to the current end of the trail (though it continues to be extended) at VT 109, then turned around and headed east, following the river.

After inflating an underinflated tire that had been slowing one of our group, we crossed Rt 15 and passed the Long Trail crossing and Johnson Farm & Garden, then took a break at the playing fields in Johnson around mile 53. We took another break a little farther along to see Dog Head Falls, then continued east to the other end of this section of open trail at mile 47. We headed back to Lost Nation Brewing at mile 49, arriving just before noon, where we had lunch and beverages (some we ordered there, some we brought with us).

The day had warmed enough that almost everyone who had started in long sleeves was down to short sleeves by this point. The leaves were just coming out enough to provide a little shade on the trails, and we saw a variety of wildflowers by the sides of the trail, including trout lilies, Marsh marigolds, spring beauty, and purple trillium. After a leisurely lunch we returned the way we’d come, reaching the cars around 2:30.

Participants: Robynn Albert, Rowena Albert, Tule Fogg, Sammie van Gerbig, Joy Snow, Nancy, Juri Prince, Kristen McLane, David Hathaway (leader). Photos: Kristin, Robynn, & David.