Great weather and great turnout for our first spring trail work. 15 people so we divided into 3 groups of 5. One group went from Bolton Notch Rd to Buchanan Shelter, one group went from Bolton Notch Road and then the LT south, and the last group went from the new parking lot on Rt. 2 on the LT north until they met the second group. The first group had the most trees to cut, but all groups did some sawing. The trail was in pretty good shape. We also clipped and dug out places for drainage.

Thanks so much to everyone! Many of us enjoyed refreshments at the end in the Rt. parking lot.

Attending were Pam Gillis (leader), Ted Albers (group leader), Phil Hazen (group leader), Mike Arthur, Ann O”Day, Reid Willis, Kimberly Farone, Thomas, Mary Keenan, Peter evan Smigh, Paul Believeau, Arthur Beliveau, Jessica Beliveau, and Dasha Zentrichova.