We had full attendance for our monthly bird monitoring walk! We started on the shore and found 16 Great Egrets right away. There were Black-bellied Plovers, Killdeer, Sanderling, Dunlin, Greater Yellowlegs, and much more out at the shore.

Because the lake was so low, we ditched the paved trail and wondered out on the sandbar, stretching all the way around the marsh and meeting the beach alongside the delta of the Winooski River.

Under a log we found a few Northern Leopard Frogs along with a couple of American Toads, and we also observed the tracks of beavers and turtles in the sand handing into the lake.

While observing at the Winooski River Delta we saw raptors fly over and the Belted Kingfisher did some great diving displays. It was a fun and educational walk for all!

Trip leader: Julianna Tyson.