We met at 7 AM at Starbucks on Shelburne Road, dropped one car at the Rt 73 Chapel Pond trailhead, and started up the trail from the New Russia trailhead around 8:50. It was sunny and pleasant with scattered clouds, but there was a fair amount of haze, which we think may in part have been smoke from all the western wildfires.

There’s a lot of up and down on this trip, and a lot is pretty steep. We reached the Blueberry Cobble just before 10, Mason Mountain around 10:20, Bald Peak around 11:10, and the east peak of Rocky Peak Ridge around 12:15, where we had lunch. It was too late for blueberries lower down, but we found (and ate) a lot and saw a lot of gentian as we headed over to Rock Peak Ridge, which we reached around 12:50.

We’d seen few people before this, but the trail was pretty busy from Rocky Peak Ridge onward. We reached Giant around 2:20 where we had a snack and another rest, then headed down, reaching the Giant Washbowl around 3:30 and the car around 4:00.

Participants: Daniel Scheidt, Mark McLane, David Hathaway (leader).