We met at Richmond Park and Ride and drove to the trailhead in Middlesex. Since the hike over Mt. Hunger and White Rocks from Middlesex is a loop hike, we had to decide which peak to do first. We opted to go up Mt. Hunger first and then over to White Rocks.

The trail up Mt. Hunger was in great shape. And, to our surprise, the state had installed a new steel ladder at the steep rock where we previously had to scramble up using a rope. We had some nice views as we were going up but we were pretty much in the clouds on the summit. From the summit, we hiked down the Waterbury trail for a short ways and then took a left turn on to the trail to White Rocks. That trail was a bit muddy but the state had added a number of new wood ladders at some steeper spots.

We opted to skip the short out and back to the summit of White Rocks since there were no views and instead headed straight down. The highlight of the hike was all the colorful mushrooms along the trails on both peaks.

Participants: Sheri Larsen (leader), Rich Larsen, Peggy Faucher, Marc Faucher.