We met at a little before 8 AM at the Underhill Center Park & Ride. Billy Asbell from Salomon had brought boxes of shoes for us to try if we wished, and Sunny and David did so. After waiting a bit for one no show we took one car to the Underhill State Park and got on the trail around 8:30.

Although the forecast was for a very hot day, there were enough clouds and overcast to keep things reasonably cool as we climbed Sunset Ridge to the summit, which we reached around 11. Despite the forecast there were plenty of people at the summit and along the ridge. We took a break for lunch around 12:15 at the visitor center at the top of the toll road and then continued on to reach the Forehead around 12:45. Although the sun started to come out as we traversed the ridge, it had remained fairly pleasant until we reached the Forehead, but it got quite hot and muggy as we descended Maple Ridge.

We reached the end of the CCC road around 2:20 and got back to the parking area round 3:20. A fun hike with a great group, despite the heat.

Participants: Steve Titcomb, Sunny Kim, Billy Asbell, David Hathaway (leader).