Attendees were Jill George, Susan McDowell, David Hathaway, Cathy Tilley, Jeremy Francis, and Ted Albers who was leader until the hard part at the Beaver Pond, at which point he bailed out and Dave led the way to the summit.

Our hike started at the Monroe Trail which starts at the end of North Duxbury’s Crouching Lion parking lot. Fortunately the upper lot was still open. Had an easy walk up the the Beaver Pond on the Dean Trail which in the winter is an open half-waterlogged snow-covered meadow.

Around 11:25, after about a 15 minutes snack break at the beaver pond, Ted, Cathy, and Jeremy headed back down the Dean trail, while Jill, Susan, and David continued on toward the summit. Hiking with heads down, the summit group saw a sign sketched in the snow saying “look up”, so we did, to see a scenic little rock outcrop. We reached the LT around 11:50, then headed north on the LT toward the Camels Hump summit.

The trail remained pretty well packed out the whole way, so no one used snowshoes, and it never got icy enough for David to put on his microspikes. The sky remained clear but the wind picked up as we approached the summit.

There were quite a few people at the summit as we arrived there around 1:30. From there it was an easy walk down to the car, which we reached around 3:30.