We met at the Richmond Park and Ride at 8:30, all piled into one car, and were off. We were scurrying to get to the trailhead early, since we expected a lot of cars trying to fit into the small lot, as the weather was relatively good, and foliage was just passing peak.

We started up just past 9 AM. We went at a leisurely pace, and really had no problems. Near the top we ran into friends Rosemary and Peter Zamore, who hiked with us to the summit, joined us for lunch and were included in our group picture. I

t took us about 2:15 to get to the top, spent 30 minutes on top, and then about 2 hour down, so it was a bit under 5 hours total. The views were good, but the wind was brisk on top, so we did have to get a sheltered spot for a snack. And, as expected, the trail had a lot of people heading up as we were heading down.

The lot was full when we got to the parking area, and cars were parked all up and down the road. (I thought that was not allowed, but apparently it is.) We were back at Richmond right around 2:30.

Participants Richard Larsen (leader), Sheri Larsen, Jenny Lynch, Scott Springer, Pat Bunt.