We met at 8 AM at the Cambridge Park & Ride and after waiting a few minutes for two meetup no-shows, took Dasha’s car to the Tillotson Road trailhead. It was overcast and in the 30’s F as we started up the Foresters Trail around 8:50 AM. The trail was pretty wet after recent rains, and as approach 2200 feet we started to encounter drizzle which shortly turned to snow flurries, and there was a noticable accumulation by the time we reached the Long Trail junction around 10:30.

Since there was no chance of any views, we skipped the spur to the Belvidere summit and headed north on the LT toward Tillotson Camp, which we reached around 12:15. We spent perhaps 15 minutes in the shelter having lunch. Since the LT from there to the Tillotson summit is often even wetter than the rest of the trail and our feet were already thoroughly soaked we skipped that part and headed down the Frank Post Trail to reach the car around 1:20.

Participants: Dasha Zentrichova, David Hathaway (leader)