A group of 9 GMC members snowshoed up Mt. Abe from Lincoln on Presidents Day (how Presidential of us!). Most of the group met and carpooled from the Hinesburg Park & Ride at 8:30AM. We got to the Battell trail trailhead at 9:10AM and were hiking by 9:30AM. Conditions were overcast with light snow and temps in the upper teens at the trailhead.

The trail was snow-covered and somewhat packed down on the lower trails but we expected it would be deeper at elevation and all decided to wear snowshoes from the start. There was deeper snow as we ascended and evidence of post-holing from recent hikers, so everyone having snowshoes on seemed to be the right way to go today. It was a strong group of hikers and Jim Watkins, Kelly L, and others set a strong pace up to the Battell Shelter. We rested briefly at the Battell Shelter and then headed up to the summit with those who had been the longest at Battell leading the way. It was only 10 degrees at the Battell Shelter and still snowing, so most people added layers for the summit.

The steep approach up Abe was less difficult going up (IMO) than coming back down, and everyone made it up to the summit for a group picture. When the last person made it up, those who had been on the summit for some time already were starting to get cold and headed back down after the group pictures. The steepest sections were a challenge going down and many or most of us deployed a skillful butt slide on those sections. As the person bringing up the rear, I was happy to see and then slide down a fresh butt slide path as it eliminated the uncertainty of knowing when to deploy that very good method. We gathered briefly again at the Battell Shelter for water/snacks/layer adjustments and then maintained a strong pace down to the trailhead. At this point, most in the group still had snowshoes but at least one (Robynn A) switched over to spikes and seemed to have no difficulties on the way down. It was about 1:00PM when we all finished at the trailhead with all hikers accounted for.

Participants: Dana Bolton (leader); Robynn Albert, Brian Latourneau, Kelly L, Lucy, Melissa, Mike Senna, Kimberly Parisi, and Jim Watkins.