Bill and David met at 9 AM at the Underhill Center commuter lot, by the Underhill Historical Society and took David’s car up to the Stevensville trailhead parking area and were on the trail by 9:15. Although the underlying snow was pretty firm, we opted for snowshoes from the start, and were the first up the trail since the recent snows. The sun was bright, but the air was very cold for the end of March. We made good time up Nebraska Notch Trail and north along the Long Trail to a little past Twin Brooks.

Once we got up into the spruce, however, we slowed down, as the heavy ice and snow still on the trees made the trail harder to find and follow. But with only a couple brief wrong turns, we made it to Butler Lodge, where we stopped for lunch and met a party who had just come up the Butler Lodge Trail. We then continued down Butler Lodge and were back down to the car by about 1:15.

Participants. Bill Moore, Bailey Greene (dog), David Hatahway (trip leader)