Eight of us met at the Hedgehog Brook trailhead in Fayston. It was a bit chilly, but the sun promised to make it a stellar hiking day. We set out at 9:10, most of us in spikes. Fortunately there was enough of an ice bridge to get us across the wide brook crossing right at the start of the trail, despite a couple significant recent thaws.

The group got quite spread out, but gathered at the more difficult water crossings to make sure everyone got across safely, without getting wet feet. (There are myriad small stream and intermittent brook crossings on this trail.) A couple of us donned snowshoes before we reached the top, but the others continued without them and experienced only occasional postholing. The group missed a left turn just below the first big open ledge, but managed to get up a ravine and snow/ice covered rock face to get back on the trail. (Fortunately all found and followed the missed section of trail on the way down, which all agreed was much easier!).

The last of us arrived at the summit around noon, where we took a quick lunch break, taking in the excellent views, as the others ahead of us headed down. We all ended up back at the trailhead by around 2. Along the way, several items were dropped/lost–car key, pole basket (3 times), mitten, end section of pole–but fortunately all were found except for the pole section (which some good soul may end up delivering to the trailhead register for one of us to find once the snow melts)! All seemed to agree it was a great group and excellent hike!

Participants: Robynn Albert, Tom Mowatt, Dave Hathaway, Greg Bostock, Sheri Larson, Rich Larsen, John Page, Jill George (trip leader). Photos: Sheri, David, Jill.