Mighty winds could not blow us off the top of Camel’s Hump. A hearty group trekked up the Monroe Trail from the winter parking. Possibly the most treacherous stretch the entire day was walking down the skating rink (that in summer is a dirt road) to the trailhead. Perfect day for microspikes, no snowshoes needed as we walked on hard packed snow and ice the entire time.

Nice view from the top with Mt. Washington in the distance. Along the way we made friends with a beautiful husky owned by a woman who lives on the Duxbury Road. The pup followed us to the summit and back, following anyone who was moving, apparently unaware that it was 9 degrees and howling at the top. That is one rugged pup (see photos). The dog was reunited with her owner who was heading up Monroe to retrieve her.

With Robynn, Dave, Mark, Joann, Deb, and Ted leader.