We met at the Cambridge park & ride a little before 8:30, ferried one car to Eden Crossing, then headed back to the Davis Neighborhood Trail to start up a little after 9:30. It was a pleasant day, mostly sunny with temperatures in the 60s. But recent rains, including the previous night, left the trail very wet. And when the breeze let up the black flies were as bad as I’ve seen them.

We reached Corliss Camp a little after 10 and then took the Long Trail north and headed up Butternut, reaching the summit around 11:15. There were some spots of significant erosion on the the way up, and a lot of trail work is needed, with many blowdowns that need removal, a lot of waterbars to clear, and a lot of clipping to do, especially between Butternut and Bowen. We had lunch just after noon, then continued across the flank of Bowen Mt, reaching Spruce Ledge around 2:45. We skipped the climb up to the shelter to save knees, then proceed through Devil’s Gulch, around Ritterbush Pond, and on to Eden Crossing, reaching the car around 4:30.

Participants: Susan Tobin, David Hathaway (leader).