Group 1: Scott Albertson, Steve Titcomb, Lisa Hardy, Phil Hazen

We started our day leaving at the Lake Mansfield Trout Brook Club at about 9:30 AM, travelling up the Lake Mansfield Trail to the Long Trail. Our trail work started after the Beaver Pond beyond Taylor Lodge and continuing to the summit of Mount Mayo. A number of blow downs, leaners, etc. were encountered and cleared by the dynamic dual of Scott and Phil. Water bars and wet areas were expertly cleaned and drainage improved by Steve while Lisa clipped away at the never-ending encroachment of brush and small branches. All returned by 5 PM. Two South bound thru-hikers were encountered at Taylor Lodge. The snow in the White Mountains had halted their north bound AT Journey, so they decide to finish hiking the Long Trail while waiting for the snow to melt. Watching snow melt is similar to watching paint dry, only it takes longer.

Group 2: George Long (clipper), Peter Smith (hazel hoe), Mike Donaruma (clipper), Hope Crifo (clipper/handsaw), and John Sharp (chainsaw).

We started clipping and water bar work at head of Lake Mansfield Trail, continued past Taylor and onto the LT south. Cleared two blowdowns before the beaver pond, then left the chainsaw and continued clipping. All did extensive clipping and clearing until met up with group 1 heading back after having reached Mayo. Reached parking area at Lake Mansfield Trout Club around 5:00. Trail was very wet in spots and the amount of hobble bush, small firs and brambles was impressive. Trail was left in good shape. A long day with lots of black flies and some mosquitoes.