We chose a day in-between winter and summer hiking seasons to have a workshop for outings leaders of many experience levels, as well as for potential outings leaders. The day consisted of a fairly short hike (about 5 miles round trip) from Stevensville Trailhead to Taylor Lodge.

At the original meeting point of Essex Center, and at the trailhead, there were discussions about the steps the leader would take at each point to make sure participants had proper gear, correct expectations, and an understanding of what would happen on the trip. Along the hike, and then in a discussion at the lodge, there were role-play scenarios, shared experiences, questions, and attempts at answers. Some of the questions could not have good answers (e.g. – what do you do when you find out someone is missing), pointing out the need to reduce the chances of such a scenario.

The day provided a chance for old and new leaders to meet each other and learn from each other – something we all hopefully did.

Participants – Phil Hazen, Russ Kinaman, Kelley Mackison, Megan Daly, Sheri Larsen, Dean Bloch, Valerie Wilkins, Robynn Albert, Ted Albers, Bob Lang, Joel Tilley, Paul Houchens, Richard Larsen