We met at the Richmond park & ride at 8:30 then drove to the Bolton Valley ski area parking lot where we split into three groups.

Group 1: Scott Albertson, Mike Authur and Phil Hazen accessed the LT via the Ravens Wind ski trail and headed north to the summit of Bolton Mt. We had significant number of blowdowns to clear with deep snow to contend with. Some minor clipping was done.

Group 2: Dave Hathaway, Ben Feldman, Leanne Shulman, Heather Hinman, Don Whitman and Peter Smith accessed the LT at the same point as group 1, around 10:30, but headed south on the LT (after missing the turn and briefly starting the wrong way toward the Bolton summit). There was too much snow to do any waterbar work until we got close to the North Ridge ski trail, but did some clipping and used the chainsaw about 6 times, including one large spruce completely blocking and obscuring the trail. We had lunch at North Ridge ski trail around 12:30, then continued south on the LT to meet group 3 around 1:30.

Group 3: Paul Beliveau, George Long, Ted Albers, Tom Candon and John Sharp accessed the LT from the North Ridge ski trail and worked south to the junction with the Buchanan lodge access trail. Tom, George and John did extensive clipping (got to love hobble bush), Ted cleared numerous water bars and Paul operated the chainsaw. The trail was quite wet but nothing unusual for this time of year. Used the chainsaw about eight times, several hangers and nothing over 12-15 inch diameter. Work crew was excellent. Reversed direction, met up with group 2 and exited via North Ridge trail, reaching the parking area around 3 PM.