We met at Richmond park/ride around 8:30 and broke into 3 groups.

Group 1: Ted Albers, Scott Albertson, Mike Authur and Hope Crifo went to Jonesville and cleared the Duckbrook trail from there to bw Notch road. We saw evidence of logging on town of Bolton forest, including felling trees that had a blue-blaze, and leaving a few patches where we needed to clear the trail of scrap-wood and a general mess. We also saw three blowdowns, nearer the Notch Road than Jonesville, that will need revisiting, since the other two groups had the two chainsaws.

Group 2: Dave Hathaway, Ben Feldman, Leanne Shulman and Jonathan Breen went to trail head on route 2 and cleared LT to junction with Duckbrook trail. The fog became denser as we climbed, lifting a little only toward the end of our trip. Most of our work was removing loose downed branches from the trail and clipping, but we also cleared some waterbars and broke out the chainsaw for about 8 mostly relatively small blowdowns.

The blazing in this area could use some work, as the blazes are very sparse. We ran into a couple patches where the trail went across the remnants of snowdrifts, making it even harder to stay on the trail. After reaching the Duck Brook junction we headed down to the cars on the Bolton Notch Road, reaching them around 1:45, where we hung out until we were joined by John, Paul, and the rest of the folks who’d been up to Buchanan.

Group 3: Paul Beliveau, Peter Smith, John Page, George Long, Mike Rocheleau and John Sharp left from Notch road and cleared to Buchanan shelter. The trail was wet and snow in a number of places. We used the chainsaw 3 times, no major blow downs. Clipping and hazel hoe used as needed. Overall trail was in good condition. Returned to Notch Rd around 2:30 where Dave Hathaway’s group was waiting for us. Ted’s group came out around 4:00.