This was the 11th annual Map and Compass Course with many participants to go with the excellent weather. After a little orientation with the various compasses and some map reading pointers, the group was anxious to test their skills.

The final destination – Colchester Pond. Of course, the first body of water we saw wasn’t even on the map – what do you expect for a map dated 1947. But this group was pretty intuitive and and after a little discourse figured out a new heading that took us through the woods, over and around beaver dams and ponds, a few cliffs, and finally to Colchester Pond.

I think a few thought it would be easier to be a follower than a leader. I mentioned that there is a double your money back guarantee if you should ever get lost. (The course is free.)

Participants:Ted Albers, Jill Ash, Noreen Cargill, Linda Evans, Cheryl Jenkins, Jane Pennline, Karl Riemer, Mike Sutliff, Phil Hazen(trip leader)