We met at 9 AM at the Underhill Center Park & Ride, and after waiting a bit for some no shows, took two cars to the Stevensville trailhead.The weather was quite cool for August (around 60 F) and the summit was in the clouds as we started hiking a little before 9:30.

We made good time, reaching Butler Lodge around 10:45, and after a short break we continued on to Rock Garden Trail around 11. The trail was pretty dry, making the steep spots easier, but we took our time, reaching the Maple Ridge junction around 11:45.

We headed down Maple Ridge and Frost Trails, finally catching our only brief glimpse of the Forehead through the clouds just before we dropped down into the trees. We returned to the cars around 1:20.

Participants: Becca Percy, Sarah Beckman, Matt, Eva, Sally, Kelly L., David Hathaway (leader).