We met on a gorgeous fall morning at Richmond P&R and then one more participant at Barnes Camp in Stowe. Cindy Griffith was a volunteer at the camp this morning and offered to shuttle us up to the Hell Brook trailhead in order to ease the sure to come parking pressure along 108. Phil “I hate walking on roads” Hazen was quick to sign us all up for this generous offer, and by 8:30am we were on the trail.

Hell Brook seemed steeper than I remembered it, but it is what it always was: a no-nonsense, no-switchbacks straight up ascent to a surprisingly level and lovely area near the “Lake of the Clouds” and the Adams Apple. The chin looks steep and large from the Adams Apple, but it only took us about twenty minutes up the Long Trail. This part can be tricky in the winter. We ate lunch on the summit. It was a little windy but an extra layer of clothing took care of it.

The way down Profanity Trail and then Long Trail via Trapp Lodge is a long haul, and I think we were all happy to see Rte 108 in the end. Crossing the road, the final half mile passes through the forest and then via the lovely boardwalk past a small beaver pond with beautiful views back up towards Smuggler’s Notch, and then we were back at Barnes Camp where Cindy was already on the lookout for us and ready to take a group picture.

Participants: Phil Hazen, Ben Gordesky, John Sharp, Dale Schmitt, Greg Bostock, David Bernstein, Wolfgang Hokenmaier (leader).