Seven of us met at Richmond Park and Ride and took 2 cars to the trailhead on Carse Road. This is a little known trail that starts on an old sugaring road. We strode along and came to the split off where Beane trail started. For about 1 mile we trekked along an aged mixed forest until we got to Birch Glen Shelter. We took a quick break and proceeded on up the Long Trail heading south away from Camel’s Hump. It was still the morning and there was thick fog in the woods and quite chilly in some spots. The trail was washed out in some locations, as we approached the Molly Stark Balcony we came along a beautiful cliff that we wrapped around to our original destination. No views because of thick fog and it was 10:30am. Dale Schmit had carried up a tripod and SLR camera, and used it to get a group shot against the backdrop of clouds.

I popped the question of whether we should continue on to the App Gap which would be another 1.3 miles one way. Everyone was in agreement, some elated that we would go a bit further. The trail from this point was more like walking a ridge, up and down and up and down. Some scrambles and passing by Baby Stark Mountain. At noon, we had reached to road and sat to have some lunch. The views were starting to clear, we hiked down the 5 minutes to the road and took in some more views.

On our way back we were able to get a view of Camel’s Hump from the Molly Stark Balcony. David was able to get his compass and map out and spot Burnt Rock Mountain. The trails were quite wet the entire hike and I slipped a couple of times, once on my face. Leaves clogged a lot of the trails and held in a lot of water soaking our some of our boots. We got back around 2:30 happy we had gone the extra 2.6 miles to the App gap and back.

Participants: Robynn Albert, Julia B, David Hathaway, Kelly Lavallee, Dale Schmit, Juan Zhang and Wes Volk (Trip Leader).