After waking up to the first frost of the season, we met at 8:30 at the Richmond Park & Ride and took one car to the Waterbury trailhead, where we snagged one of the last parking spots and started up around 9:10.

It was cold and sunny, but the trail was a little wet, and as we neared the Mt Hunger summit the wet spots started to become icy spots. We reached the summit around 10:45 which already had about 10 to 15 people on it. After hanging out for a bit to enjoy the views, we backtracked to the White Rock trail. This trail had a lot of muddy spots, despite the puncheon that’s been added in recent years, and although we saw a few people, it was much less travelled than the Waterbury Trail up Mt Hunger.

We reached the White Rock summit around noon, then headed back to the Waterbury Trail, which was now almost crowded with people. We reached the car around 2:10, and found the parking lot full and cars lining the road for about a tenth of a mile.

Participants: Greg Bostock, David Hathaway (leader).