After gathering at various collection points for some carpooling, 13 of us assembled at the Battell Trail trailhead. Parking was tight, but all managed to find places to squeeze in off the road.

We started up the trail around 9:50, all but one of us in spikes. The day was pretty perfect for hiking: 20s, mostly sunny, very favorable trail conditions (just enough snow, not much ice). The group got fairly spread out, but the trail was packed and easy to follow, and everyone made the left turn onto the Long Trail, past the Battell Shelter, and on up to the summit, the last of us reaching the top around noon. After a quick snack and taking in the lovely views, we headed down in two groups.

Everyone successfully navigated the steep, somewhat icy sections, and all were back down at the trailhead by 1:30.

Participants: Deborah, Dale, Tom, Tess, Henry, Becca, Bamby, Allison, Juan, Phil, Robynn, Dave, Jill (trip leader). Photos: Dave Hathaway and Jill George.