An impromptu trip to clear some blowdowns we’d seen on our 12/8 trip.

John Sharp had left one of the section chainsaws and packs with me after that trip, and today I got around to using them. It was snowing lightly as I started up around 10:30. I cleared a pair of adjacent blowdowns low on Nebraska Notch, and a couple more on the Long Trail, a little ways north of the NN / LT junction. There’s another really big one a bit farther up, but it’s plenty high to walk under, and I see no way to safely remove it without a lot of rigging.

I did remove some branches sticking down from it that were blocking the trail. I got a couple of other minor ones that didn’t really need to be removed, but I had the chainsaw, so… I headed down the ski trails (no tracks) from the junction just north of Twin Brooks, where I encountered more ice than I had on either of the trails, reaching the car around 2:30.