We met at 9 AM at the Colchester Park & Ride and took one car to the trailhead on Henry Road in Milton.

Since none of us (including the trip leader) had done the hike before and didn’t see any trail markings from the parking area, we started out at 9:20 following snowshoe tracks we found leaving it, assuming they knew where the trail was. We were wrong.

We ended up walking around Eagle Mt. from the north and over some terrain and through some blowdowns that were rougher than we’d expected for an easy hike. Eventually we met up with the real trails again, went around the Wildflower Way Loop, then took the Sugarbush Link to the Hoyt Lookout Trail which we followed to the Hoyt Lookout, directly above the bushwhack path we’d followed earlier.

We came back to the Mountaintop Trail junction and followed it up. Three of us did the final 100 yards over rocks to the summit, then we all followed the Mountaintop and Hoyt Lookout Trail back, reaching the car around noon.

Participants: Fred Royce, Brittany Mann, Marcus Keely, David Hathaway (substitute leader).