We met at 8:30 at the Cambridge park & ride the morning after the switch to DST, making it feel particularly early.A couple people signed up on meetup were no shows, but rest of us consolidated cars and headed to the Long Trail access on Codding Hollow Road in Waterville.

The sun was bright and the trail well packed as we started up at 9:15, but we all took (and some wore) snowshoes anyway, in case of soft snow farther up or later in the day. We reached the beginnings of the ice around 10:45 and took our time looking at and photographing it. Annette and Chuck stayed at the ice while the rest of us went up to Laraway Lookout for a short lunch stop around 11:35, then returned to the ice. From there we all headed back down to reach the cars around 12:55. The trail was softening, but never soft enough to require snowshoes, though Chuck did find his first spruce trap.

Participants: Dale Schmit, Marcus Keely, Robynn Albert, Greg Bostock, Becca Percy, Annette Seidenglanz, Chuck Bowes, Tess Stimson, Bamby Pierpont, David Hathaway (leader).