We met at 9 AM at the overflow trailhead parking on North Bear Swamp Road, as the small lot at the real trailhead was full. It was sunny and warm, but there was enough breeze that the heat wasn’t oppressive, despite the 90+ F temperatures in the valleys. With masks and spread out 10+ feet apart, we went over the plan for the hike and did quick introductions, then shed masks and started up. Masks were useless unless standing still, since the humidity was high and those of us with glasses had them fog up immediately, even at rest.

We started up the trail, spaced out, turning right at the junction to visit Hunger first. We saw quite a few people and dogs along the trail, but everyone was good about stepping off the trail, or waiting until we did, and there was a pretty good breeze, especially at the top, so worries about the potential spread of coronavirus were minimal. Rock that had been in the sun was dry and provided good traction, but there were plenty of slippery and wet spots that required careful traversal. We stopped for lunch on an out cropping short of the somewhat crowded summit.

At the top we saw fellow GMCers Dale Schmit and Marcus Keely who had come up the Waterbury Trail and done the same Hunger / White Rock loop in the other direction. They tried to sign up for the trip after it was full. We’d been moving pretty slowly, so at the junction for the spur trail to the White Rock summit, Susan and Ted opted to head down. Caroline waited there while Jill and David ran up and down White Rock (look carefully at the photo from White Rock summit and you can see Caroline below). We then headed back down, reaching the cars around 2:15.

Participants: Jill George, Ted Albers, Susan Tobin, Caroline Deans, David Hathaway (leader).