This was a first practice hike under the new COVID-10 era outings guidlines (linked to here). Three of us drove separately to the Stevensville trailhead, masked up, and discussed out plan, then shed masks and headed up Frost just after 9 AM. Paul carried the chainsaw and all associated paraphernalia, and Mike and David carried bow saws. It was hot, but there was a reasonable breeze most of the way and the possible afternoon rains never appeared.

At the Maple Ridge junction we headed down to the CCC road, following it to Halfway House and removing a few blowdowns, then headed up Halfway House where we removed a couple more. We had lunch spread out and off the trail halfway up. It was too hot and humid to breath or see (with glasses) while wearing masks, so we relied on keeping our distance to stay safe.

We saw few people until we hit the LT, then a few between there and the visitor center, and few again from there to the Forehead and down Maple Ridge Frost. We got back to the cars around 5, said brief goodbyes, and headed home.

Participants: Mike Rocheleau, Paul Beliveau, David Hathaway (leader).