A wonderful celebration of the 100th anniversary of Taft Lodge, the oldest shelter on the Long Trail! On the morning of the first hard frost of the season, we had three on the morning hike, leaving at 8 AM, reaching the lodge around 9:50, then descending the LT and ski trails to return to the parking are around 11:40. No ice on the trails, despite the early frost.

After partaking of treats from the Ben & Jerry’s truck, we listened to short comments from various GMC folks and the director of Vermont Department of Forests Park and Recreation. Then 11 of us went up to Taft Lodge (in two groups, to keep group sizes below 10, according to our COVID era outings guidelines), where we installed a plaque commemorating the occasion.

The day never really warmed up, so the temperatures at the lodge were probably still in the 30s F for our afternoon hikes. After the plaque installation, we all returned along the LT, arriving back at the parking area around 5:00.