We met at 9 AM at the Long Trail parking area at Eden crossing on Rt 118. There was only one car there, but more arrived as we got ready to leave, and the lot was full with cars along the side of the drive all the way back to Rt 118 when we finished. Weather was typical for late October, cool, near freezing, but dry.

We made good time on the way up, switching scout and sweep positions occasionally as people stopped for delayering. We got to the top around 11:15, and went up the fire tower in ones and twos to avoid crowding at the top. There was rime frost on the fencing around the top platform, but not too much wind. It was a little overcast, but views were clear north to Jay and south to Mansfield, as advertised.

We spread out to have lunch, but some of us started getting cold, so three of us started down while the others finished their lunch, and got enough of a head start that we didn’t meet up again until we reached the cars, around 1:20.

Participants: Dale Schmit, Marcus Keely, Jill George, Jonathan Breen, Alice Breen, David Hathaway (leader).

Photos: Dale.