We met at the Richmond park & ride at 8:30 AM. After waiting until 8:40 for a no show (who never came), we took one car to the North Bear Swamp Road trailhead in Middlesex. It was overcast but pleasant as we started up the Middlesex Trail around 9:30.

We made good time and reached the White Rock / Hunger trail junction around 10:15, then continued over steep rock in places to reach the Mt Hunger summit around 11:30. After a short break at the top, we went down the Waterbury Trail to the White Rock junction, then followed that trail to reach the White Rock summit around 12:15.

The rain had held off until this point, which was fortunate given the steep rock sections we’d been traversing, but it started up as we started down the Bob Kemp Trail. It wasn’t a hard rain, and was actually fairly pleasant, at least to some of us. We reached the trail junction around 1 PM and got back to the car around 1:45.

Participants: Jacob Trahan, Lela McCaffery, John Rankin, David Hathaway (leader).