We met at the Richmond park & ride at 8 AM, took three cars to the Worcester Mountain Trail trailhead, and piled into one car for the short trip back to the Middlesex Trail trailhead. It had rained heavily earlier in the morning, and was still raining as we started up the trail at about 9:20.

The rain had mostly let up by the time we reached the rocky stretch near the top of Mt Hunger, and the wet rock made it a little slipperier than usual, but not too bad. It seemed like someone had gone crazy with blue blaze paint, and the blazes were practically a dotted line over some of the rock sections. We saw no one at the Mt Hunger summit, which was unusual, and saw only 5 or people the whole day. The Skyline Trail from Hunger to Hogback was very wet in many places, but it looks like some work will be done on it, as we saw pink flagging with notes on it indicating the length of puncheon to be installed in several places.

The clouds lifted enough to get intermittent views of Mt Mansfield and Waterbury Reservoir from the lookout near the Stowe Pinnacle Trail junction. The sun came out as we travelled from Hogback to Worcester, and we got down to the cars around 6:20, for about an 8 hour hike.

Participants: Daniel Scheidt, Mattie Scheidt, Tim Welsh, Dani Buneo, Dean Wiederin, David Hathaway (leader).