We had an amazing outing to deliver the roofing material to Puffer. Thanks, once again, to the UVM Outing Club, we had a tremendous turnout. With about 25 from the UVMOC and another dozen or so from the GMC Burlington Section, we had plenty of people to carry bw load. The material was all delivered to the shelter without incident and it now sits ready to be installed.

Special thanks to:

  • Howard VanBentheysen for helping figure out how to make portable 12 sheets of roofing material and 30 pieces of strapping.
  • Auggie Spagnuolo-Chawla and Audrey Ladd of UVMOC for organizing an amazing work force (again!).
  • Steve Titcomb, Paul Beliveau and Ted Albers for leadership and support on the trip up to Puffer.

And thanks to all who helped out! Participants: Too many to name!