After a few late cancellations, five of us met at 9 AM at the Underhill Center commuter lot, then took two cars up to the Stevensville trailhead. The lot was already 3/4 full, largely with back country skiers. We started up Nebraska Notch trail around 9:20.

It was overcast and snowing lightly with temperatures in the 20s F the whole way. We were unsure what the trail would be like after we turned onto the Long Trail, so we call carried snowshoes, and most started out with microspikes. But the trail was pretty packed, with only about 3 instances of single foot postholing, so the snowshoes were never used. We reached the Long Trail junction around 10:30, and Taylor Lodge around 11:00.

After a short stop there to snack and drink, we headed back, reaching the cars alittle before 1 PM. As we approached the parking area, we met a family of four enjoying sledding down the lower stretch of Nebraska Notch Trail, from a little above the ski trail turn off to the parking lot. Looked like a lot of fun.

Participants: Joann Graser, Lindy Gunderson, Maija, Patty Wood, David Hathaway (leader).