We met at 10:30 at the Jeffersonville park & ride, adjacent to the Cambridge Greenway that is a short spur off the LVRT. We were overbooked by one, but had one no show, so we hit our cap of 10. Two were delayed, and one needed a tire inflated before we could head out, so it was around 10:50 by the time we actually got started. It sunny and a little cool – perfect bicycling weather. The gravel on the first bit (the Cambridge Greenway) was a little rough on thinner bike tires, but once we hit the LVRT the trail was hard packed dirt and very fine packed gravel almost the whole way. Two of us were struggling a bit, one just with the first ride of the season, and the other with a tire that wouldn’t stay inflated, and they turned around at the Johnson recreation fields and at Doghead Falls, respectively. The falls were impressive, and we weren’t the only ones stopped there to take a look. We reached Lost Nation Brewery around 1 PM, and one person stayed there to get a table while the rest of us continued the last two miles to the end of the finished section of the LVRT at route 15C, then headed back to Lost Nation. One person skipped the lunch, but the last seven of us enjoyed a lunch and some brews, then headed back to Cambridge. We reached the cars around 4 or 4:30.

Participants: John Bakewell, John Need, Ted Albers, Robynn Albert, Steven DaSilva, Meghan Hurley, Greg Bostock, Ariel Jensen-Vargas, Katherine Merrill, David Hathaway (leader). Photos: Ted, David, and Ariel.