Clipped and cleared branches and encroaching saplings. Improved drainages in a few places. Removed blowdowns and some dead leaners. Scott used the chainsaw six or seven times starting south of the beaver pond as we worked our way south, and continuing to just north of the low point between Mayo and Puffer. The trail just south of the crossing of the beaver pond appears to have migrated down from its original location onto a slope. We clipped and cut extensively there to make the original treadway, which is now mossy, accessible again.

We put up a new “LT SOUTH” sign behind Puffer. There was still an old sign that was faded, hard to read, and attached to a snag, but we didn’t think we had a tool to remove the lag screws, so we left it to remove at a later date. We put up a new “BOLTON MT” sign at the Bolton summit, and discovered that we did have a tool that we could use to remove the lag screws, so we brought that sign back with us. (If the sign is worth hundreds of dollars, maybe we can get twenty bucks for the Official Bolton Mountain Summit Sign Lag Screws, which we also brought back, along with their classic washers.)

Volunteers: Scott Albertson, Paul Beliveau, David McColgin.