Four different groups did trail work from the Stevenville Road trailhead in Underhill:

Butler Lodge, Wallace Cutoff, and LT to Overland ski trail

Clipped branches and new growth, removed debris, cleared blowdowns, cleared water bars (except on Butler Lodge Trail). Used the chainsaw more than ten times. Lorne asked that the Butler Lodge trail waterbars be left for a work trip that he will lead.

Participants: Rob Gordon, Tim Welsh, Phil Hazen, Paul Beliveau.

Rock Garden, Maple Ridge (middle part), Frost

We hiked up to Butler Lodge with that group, then split off. It was pretty dry so drainage issues were not easy to see, but we did a little drainage work in a couple spots on Rock Garden. We found no blowdowns needing a saw. We did a fair amount of clipping, including pulling down and breaking off a number of high branches that were within arms reach, and removed some small dead trees and branches on the trails. Overall the trails looked in pretty good shape. There was still a little snow in patches near Rock Garden, but the trail was very dry, and only one spot had some ice on the trail.

Participants: Clayton Cameron, David Hathaway.

LT from Overland ski trail to Nebraska Notch, Twin Brooks tent site

Hiked up ski trail to reach the Long Trail. Once on the LT, we clipped back growth, cleared water bars, cleared blown down sticks and branches from the tread way. Used the chain saw a half dozen times. including removing a tree that fell on a tent platform at Twin Brooks, taking down a large tree from prior years that was now hanging by a tread ~6 feet above the LT, and cutting through several big step overs. Checked Twin Brook platforms, privy and other amenities. After removal of the blow down and some clipping of trails, all are in good shape and ready for the season. No snow was encountered. Trail was mostly very dry. Enjoyed some nice spring flowers and a curious garter snake.

Participants: Scott Albertson, Leanne Shulman, Ben Feldman, Dan Dickinson.

Nebraska Notch to Clara Bow to Taylor Lodge

This group of four covered all of the Nebraska Notch trail, and the LT south from junction of Nebraska Notch to Taylor Lodge; also all of the Clara Bow trail where we saw large chunks of ice in the ‘caves’. Cleared many water bars on Nebraska Notch trail,clipping and one large rotten birch blow-down on Nebraska Notch Trail. More clipping and one more small blow down on Clara Bow. Otherwise trails in good shape. Heading south, I stashed the chain saw on the side of the Clara Bow trail at the junction where it meets the LT south, as through hikers told us there was no more chain saw work needed on Clara Bow or on the section of the LT from Taylor Lodge to the Clara Bow / LT junction – which was a good as we didn’t have a pack to carry the saw. We did not cover the LT south from Taylor Lodge. No urgent maintenance but several larger water bars on Nebraska Notch trail could be dug out perhaps on a separate work trip as they are gradually filling in.

Participants: Ted Albers, Nancy McClellan, Mike Arthur, David McColgin