We had one late cancellation due to a date confusion and a no-show, but three of us met at the Green River Reservoir State park at 10 AM, and were in the water by a little before 10:30.

It was sunny and pleasant, but cool enough for jackets and for one of us to be comfortable and not too hot in a drysuit. We took a very leisurely pace, first heading to the island opposite the boat launch and wandering around to the little island behind it to look for lady slippers which had been seen there in past years (it was too early). We wandered over to the east shore and followed it up to and under a little bridge that leads to a marshy section with some beaver dams, where we saw an osprey.

This area is sometimes close until late summer to protect nesting birds, but we saw no closure sign this day. We returned and headed up the northern neck of the reservoir, spotting some mallards, and stopping for lunch at campsite 13, We continued to the northernmost channel leading to a beaver dam, then wandered back, spotting loons and checking out various campsites, and got back to the boat launch around 4 PM. A beautiful day for a paddle!

Participants: Mary Elizabeth Latch, Geri, David Hathaway (leader)